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Note from Deer Valley Little League

This past spring many leagues were unable to return to play.  Unfortunately, Shaw Butte was one of those leagues.  DVLL graciously hosted your players in an effort to keep all the children playing.  We were ecstatic to have you all join and the entire season proved that SBLL has some AMAZING families!

Currently, after discussions with our President and SBLL President, along with the District Administrator, it has been determined that returning to play at SBLL is just too cumbersome.  In an effort to keep your children playing, the boundaries of SBLL will remain as DVLL boundaries.  Your players can come play with us and continue developing and playing the sport that they love so dearly.

SBLL Board President is continuing to work behind the scenes to secure a Spring 2022 Season at SBLL, but until that time, league boundaries have transferred to DVLL.

Registration FAQs:

Those who have already registered with SBLL, we are working on a way to get your registrations to DVLL.  You may receive a phone call or email from either SBLL or DVLL Presidents.  We want to make sure that your registrations move as smoothly as possible.

If you currently have a credit from the Spring 2020 season at SBLL please hold off from registering, instead email [email protected]. We have a master list and will refer to it before giving out discounts.

If neither of the above scenarios apply to you, please register on the DVLL website.

Thank you so very much. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]

DVLL President


SBLL Divisions

(4-6 year olds) Tee-Ball/Coach Pitch

(6-8 year-olds) Farm - Machine Pitch

(8-10 year olds) Minors - Player Pitch

(10-12 year olds) Majors - Player Pitch

(12-14 year olds) Juniors - Player Pitch

Parent Pledge

  • I will teach all children to play fair and do their best.
  • I will positively support all managers, coaches and players.
  • I will respect the decisions of the umpires.
  • I will praise a good effort despite the outcome of the game.


Frequent Asked Questions:

 1.  Who is Shaw Butte Little League? A.  Shaw Butte Little League (operated as a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charity) is sanctioned by Little League, Inc. of Williamsport, PA, the largest youth affiliated program in the world.  It is in Arizona District 2. 
 2.  What are the boundaries for Shaw Butte Little League  A.  The boundaries for SBLL can be found on our Boundary Map.  A child must reside or attend a school within this boundary to be eligible for play in SBLL.  If you are unsure if you reside in our league, please use Find My League under the Quick Links section.  There are certain exceptions if the child or the parent(s) lived within the boundaries and volunteered or played with the league prior to moving.  If you feel you may qualify for a Regulation II or Regulation IV exception, please contact our League Player Agent.


Local Sponsors

Shaw Butte Little League

Mailing address: 428 E. Thunderbird Road Suite #407 Phoenix AZ 85022 
Field address: 12202 N.21st Avenue at Shaw Butte Elementary, Arizona  

Email: [email protected]

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